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Raymond Haynes
Raymond Haynes
De Come Back Kid
It was February, I remember it well. The snowplow had caged me in after some heavy snowfall the night before – I was late for work, cold yet sweaty from shovelling snow that morning. Within 2 months I had resigned, sold my stuff and was back home in Barbados. Those cold winters in Canada reminded me that I missed my homeland and its ability the induce relaxation even in the most stressful of circumstances.

I grew up in the Bayland, so very much a town boy. As a kid, I spent many days playing on the white sands of Browne’s Beach. It’s where I played cricket most, albeit not very well, practiced my running skills, and learned to swim. I still argue with anyone I can – but most do agree – Browne’s beach is the best in Barbados.

Sometimes, if we were looking for a bit of adventure, we’d trek over to the nearby Pebbles Beach nestled between the Hilton Hotel and Radisson Hotel. Looking back on it, the visitors and tourists liked the authenticity of the interactionsand many times joined us in a game of dodgeball or cricket.

I was never big on horseracing but that certainly never stopped me from enjoying a nice Saturday at the races at the nearby Garrison Savannah – the excitement, the frolicking and the pounding as the horses sped by were never disappointing. The Garrison also holds other fond memories for me. My dad used to take me jogging as early as five AM on mornings around the course. I used to hate getting up that early, but I really enjoyed spending time with my dad.

In more recent times, my area of choice is the Hastings Boardwalk with its mix of upscale restaurants and quasi-rum shops along the stretch and at the water’s edge. My favorite being Tapas Restaurant – the resident mixologist is always coming up with something weird, fancy, and chock full of spirits.

Being back home in Barbados was a great decision for me and apparently for my friends in Canada and the US because now they have ready accommodation and a willing tour guide when they visit.

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