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#SuperBajanSelfieSpots – Most Iconic Places For Your Insta-Worthy Selfie

Soup Bowl -Bathsheba

A favorite location for locals and surfers around the globe, Soup Bowl is the ideal spot for any selfie aficionado. Massive foam capped waves of the Atlantic break along a dramatic coastline of rock formations on the islands rugged east coast.  Every November local and international surfers converge on this spot for a huge competition, but you can capture a picture-perfect selfie there, any day of the year.   

St. John’s Parish Church

If sweeping views of beautiful coastlines are your thing, then look no further than St. John’s Parish Church.  The Gothic inspired church is speculated to have first been built in 1645 and had to be rebuilt four times, after being destroyed once by fire and twice by hurricanes.  What makes this popular attraction which has a very rich history and one of the only two sundials on the island a #superselfiespot? Location, Location, location! It rests high in the hills of St. John and has mind blowing panoramic views that stretch from Ragged Point in the east to Pico Tenerife in the North, offering up the perfect backdrop for the selfie connoisseur from any angle.

The Parliament Buildings Bridgetown

Located in the heart of the capital City of Bridgetown, the beautiful neo-gothic style buildings are home to the third oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth.  Step onto the Chamberlain Bridge and put yourself in the frame with these bastions of Barbadian history which have been designated as UNESCO protected properties with the World Heritage Site of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison area.  

Animal Flower Cave St. Lucy 

A journey down the coral steps of a natural sea cave, through an old blowhole leads to one of Barbados’s most breathtaking backdrops.  The Animal Flower Cave which is named for the flower like sea anemones found within it, is located under the cliffs tops in the northernmost point of the island.  Strike a pose in the rock pools or in front of the caves naturally formed “windows” that look out into the deep blue ocean. 

Rihanna Drive

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I went on my Rihanna pilgrimage and I have been changed for good. #FBF

A post shared by Shonda Rhimes (@shondarhimes) on Apr 13, 2018 at 1:23pm PDT

Go anywhere in the world and say Barbados and 9 times out of 10 people respond “Rihanna!” And while you probably won’t get a selfie with Bad Gal Rhi Rhi herself, you can certainly take one on the street she grew up on, Rihanna Drive.  Thousands of people from all over make the pilgrimage to this now famous road posing in front of a plaque that bears her image as well as her childhood home.